Photography is not a crime

I chanced upon a really nice chill out place today.
But I won’t tell you the name of the place and where it is.
Because I was told that I can’t publish any photos I took of the place.
If I did, I would receive a lawyer’s letter.
So, to make things really easy for myself, I won’t write about it.
Because any place that make photography a crime does not deserve publicity of any sort, from anybody.

The Joy Of Wedding Shoots

I really enjoy the stories behind every client I’ve come across in my wedding photography sideline.
Their courage to love despite their differences.
Their readiness to give beyond their means.
Their determination to make the marriage work despite the odds.
Real, gritty fairy tales of love.

What’s wrong with Singapore Scholarships?

During recent gathering, a friend of mine (who is a social worker) shared that MOE gave out scholarships to students from China for them to study here in Singapore. And in an effort to retain and integrate them into our society, part of the scholarship bargain was for the students to perform community service.

This is undoubtedly a great idea that inculcates social responsibility in the elites that will in time have great influence in society. But it left me with a question:
How about scholarships for the locals?
It is tragically hilarious that the government would go through so much deliberation to attract, retain and integrate foreign talent, but yet do little to develop the heartware of local scholarship holders.

P/S: I have to clarify that I do not know of any scholarships for locals that requires serving the community. But if you do know of any scholarships or bursaries of such a nature, do leave me a note in the comments section.