Singapore Fireworks Festival Photo Shoot Outing

The second outing for the fireworks brought me and my buddies to Sheares Bridge. Like the previous 2 displays, the place was packed. You could even “feel” the crowd from even from City Hall MRT station. I mean from the station itself was packed with people that evenutally streamed over to the Esplanade, One Fullerton, Marina and Sheares Bridge! Showtime was only at 8pm, we were at our spot just before 7 and the place was already packed.

Tripods lined the Bridge. There was almost a pattern to the cameras mounted. As we progressed over the bridge, the cameras we saw started with the consumer-range ones. Then prosumer models. Until what’s probably the best part of the bridge, professional cameras were seen one after another. Who needs COMEX when all the camera models are here on display? Ha!

We finally found a spot two-thirds onto the Bridge. Each of us fiddled with his own tripod and camera till perfection. It was the last display of the festival, so it had to.

Well, the wait didn’t take long, despite the fact that we waited for over an hour. Einstein’s Theory on Relativity was true.
Without any warning the first shots were fired. Everyone scrambled. with the final adjustments to my camera I started to squeeze on the remote control in frenzy.

True to the saying, “All good things must come to an end”. With a final burst, the fireworks lit the sky brilliantly, overlapping each other, embedding a spectacular masterpiece in everyone’s mind.

When it was over, we applauded and packed shop. Mission was accomplished, with anticipation for next year. Well, at least for me.

For the full album, click here.

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