Spot and Shoot Contest

“Is it over? The ground scorching hot leh…”
“Count to ten lor…”
“1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10… Ok, done.”
We jumped back to our feet after the second take Sago Street with “Dead Bodies”.
“Check the shot! Check the shot!”
“Ok, good take! Let’s go!”

That’s probably our golden moment in the contest, lying down right in the middle of Sago Street in Chinatown posing as a bunch of dead bodies. We’re hoping we can surprise them at museum.

Recap of the day: all 3 were late. I overslept, Daniel too and he got a stomachache in the lift and had to go back to the comfort of his toilet bowl. Zengrong was the least late. No excuses, late is late.

Singapore History Museum had been temporarily relocated to Riverside Point, 3rd Level. We passed through an exhibition on the SARS Crisis and into the auditorium to catch what was left of the briefing.

The organizer “flagged off” from the auditorium. Half the audience stood up and scrambled.
“Better take our time and see the questions first…”
At the back of the auditorium, we checked the submission booklet with 20 questions. We only needed to answer 12.

“Only got 6…”
“Find internet access…”

We moved over to Selegie for internet access to find clues and answers to the 20 questions. On the we came across the former Hill Street Police Station, now MITA building. We thought it was one of the answers, so we took a picture outside and inside the place.

One of the museums in central area has a large graffitti in front of its entrance. Take a picture of this.

“Looks good.”

Finally got to Selegie.

“Hey, they’re all within the area, all reachable by foot.”
“Plan out ‘route of advancement’ lor.”
“Idea leh…”

First Stop, Selegie’s House of Bliss or Ananda Bhavan. We were supposed to take a picture at the eatery. So we each bought a snack for the shot showing us chowing down.

“Wah lau, that thing damn sweet leh.”
“It’s good for people who have VERY low blood sugar”
“It’s a PowerBar. No, PowerBall!”
“Maybe last time they pack 3 everyday for work, one for breakfast, lunch and dinner.”
“Energy to go for manual labour.”

Baby Factory = KK Hospital
“How to take KK Hospital?”
“Ah, I know! We take a picture of a NURSE!”
“How to convince the nurse to have her photo taken?”
“We say we are doing Singapore NURSE Idol!”
(yeah, right…)

Sungei Road: Thieves’ Market
“Wah, everybody’s here…”
“Hi, how are you?”
“How to take a picture of this place?”
“Find a stall with old stuff lor”

Racecourse Road/Buffalo Road
“How to put these 2 things together”
“Find the junction and take that junction lah”
“Ok, the junction’s here and even has Little India MRT, but everything’s apart!”
“Eh, look! Turf Club, Buffalo Road some more!”
“Get the 4D paper!”

Macdonald House
“Actually can shoot a MacDonald’s and a house”
“Now to Toa Payoh”

Central CDC Office
“So where’s the open arms?”
“Eh, look there…”
“Yah hor, open arms.”
“But how to get in?”
“Aiyah, I think we just need to shoot the door lah.”

SEAP Games Games Village
“Which block to take? It never say.”
“It only ask which HDB estate was used.”
“Yah hor, then Toa Payoh will do.”
“Now to Chinatown.”

Street of the Dead – Sago Street
“Eh, we take one with dead people lah.”
“Idea leh.”
“The ground damn hot leh, make it fast!”

Speakers’ Corner
“We pose as audience and Speaker lah.”
“Good idea!”
“Comic leh.”

Tay Koh Yat’s Service Business
“We take a shot of us flagging a bus lah.”
“Yah, better than shooting bus.”
“The ‘bus’ answer speaks better this way, yah?”
“No to the last stop!”

Kim Tian
“How to take?”
“Can take with the people inside?”
“Nevermind lah. just take outside.”
“Ok, done send for developing.”
“Makan time, finally”

45 minutes later, the photos were ready. Pictures were vibrant.
Back to Riverside Point for submission.
From the 36 shots we took we selected our best for each question and glued them into the answer booklet.
As we looked through them, a recap of the day’s antics:
There was the ultra sweet snacks at Ananda Bhavan.
There was the Turf Club at Buffalo Road with our punters.
There was the sleeping shot at outside Central CDC Office.
There was the dead people shot at Sago Street.
There was the talk cock session at Speakers’ Corner.
Finally, the bus flagging shot.

“Ok, done! Submission.”
We finally completed the contest. About time too, we were all spent. And did I mention that I ended up with a sore throat from all the heat the following day?

For the full album, click here.


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