Trigger happy at Jurong Birdpark

“We’re at a Birdpark and we’re taking pictures of leaves, roots and flowers?”
That’s right. This was the first reaction we got at the photography class outing.
“Whole life shoot plants.”
Ok, it wasn’t really all plants. We managed a few shots of the main attraction as well. It was only when we tried to shoot the birds that we realized that, well, the plants were easier subjects – they wouldn’t move about, except for an occasional gust of wind.
Oh yeah, the children at the wet playground weren’t easy subjects either.
The idea of this lesson was to shoot whatever the instructor shot. Sounds simple, except there’re over 20 people following. So the situation was always 20 people waiting to shoot that one shot.

I guess if you’re reading this, I should just direct you to the photo gallery.

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