Everything happens for a reason, and the reason will benefit you somehow

After two and a half weeks’ of outdated crap ideas from the stupid old man, I finally left the company. I didn’t try to be nice to him either.

So I am out of a job, that’s a bad thing.

Two weeks after this, the company, ePebble, has yet to issue my two and a half weeks’ pay.
I got in touch with an employee, and found out that they too are not paid wages either.

I got to leave that mess early and did not have to waste my time there and accumulate larger amounts of unpaid wages, that’s good thing.

My brief time inside spawned an idea, another good thing.

Being able to share that idea today at a job interview, one more good thing.

People reading this journal entry and learning that ePebble has problems with paying their employees and becoming aware, VERY good thing.

Leaving that job at the crap company doesn’t seem so bad anymore. 🙂
Now, back to finding that perfect job…

Oh yah, here’s the details of the company,

ePebble Pte Ltd
The Plaza
7500A Beach Road

The Bosses:
Francis Kway (the stupid old man. He calls his son “Darling”, go figure…),
George Lim (poor guy acting on stupid old man’s outdated ideas)

Formerly known as Cybertech, the business provides web-based e-Learning solutions and Learning Management Systems.
Without an agressive strategy, Cybertech quickly lost many of their clients when the current big boys (asknlearn, litespeed, ednovation) came in.
With a fast diminishing clientele, Cybertech folded up, but the two continued to service the remaining clients.
In a twist of fate, Cybertech was revived and renamed as ePebble recently. This then brings about everything that you’ve read above.

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