A Weekend of Hearty Organic Meals and Heartwarming Organic Breads

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The weekend found me in an organic farm, Green Circle in somewhere in Lim Chu Kang. Many thanks to my very good buddy Zengrong.

The owner, Evelyn, started with an introduction to her farm. Specifically, it is a Bio-dynamic Organic Farm. Basically, it is a farm which uses all natural fertilizers like compost and irrigation from rainwater. This then leverages on Cosmology or Astrology or Astro-dynamics or really whatever you call it. The idea is to create a harmonious balance and to be at one with nature.

Before our meal, Evelyn also gave an introduction to the difference of her organic vegetables and other non-organic vegetables. The truth about organic vegetables is that they don’t taste as good as those hydroponic and aeroponics vegetables. Organic vegetables are more fibrous and tougher because it is the way the vegetable as a plant should be whereas the non-organic plants are fed chemical fertilizers like aqueous nitrates which causes them to draw more water, this makes them look more appetizing, crunchier and tastier.

Due to the relentless rain, we weren’t able to do any farm work for the place. So we went ahead with a sharing session about Food Politics. Essentially, I learnt that our bodies do not handle meat well. And they were actually built for plants. The litmus test is to actually cook your meat without any seasoning and let your taste buds decide. The truth is that we aren’t supposed to like meat, it is the use of plant flavoring like herbs and spices to achieve a taste that we like.
Also, the conspiracy theory about milk. Humans are the only species on Earth which drink milk from other species. And this whole thing about milk being good for strong bones aren’t really true either. There are reports that this form of intake will actually lead to a calcium drain from the body. Plant calcium can be found from vegetables like spinach which are much more beneficial to the body. It’s like the scene in Spider-man 2 where Peter Parker jumps off his moped (or scooter) and does a back flip to avoid the speeding car from behind. He then tells the boy, “Work out, eat your vegetables”.

To which the boy replies, “That’s what my mama always says. I just never believed her!”
Now that’s probably something we should air on TV more often!

We then had a meditation session led by Tara, a meditation instructor (link coming soon, i hope). Learnt much about the many forms of meditation. Learnt about one with the Universe, and to be more aware of yourself and the surroundings. (cue in the “ohmm…” sound)

The first day ended with a short film on factory farming. Highlights include the merciless slaughtering of chickens, pigs and cows as well as the horrific living conditions. The chickens we eat are genetically modified to grow fatter and meatier. A picture comparison had showed that a genetically modified chicken grew up to almost double the size of a normal chicken. There was also the horrific treatment of egg hens. Their beaks are seared off to prevent them from pecking each other within the batteries. The reason that they peck at each other is the stress that is induced from their living conditions. Plus, a normal hen lays about 60 eggs a year, an egg hen lays over 300 eggs a year. This drains their calcium tremendously and induces brittle bones. Many of them end up having their bones crushed by their own weight.
Pigs are caged in a dimension that does not even allow them turn around. Sows have to give birth and feed her piglets within that enclosure. The piglets have their teeth crushed by pincers and their tails clipped off without the use of any painkillers. This causes a lot of trauma.
The slaughtering of pigs and cows has the animals go through similar fates. Hung upside down, they are slit at the throat to drain of their blood, skinned alive or scalded alive.

The second started off with a dynamic meditation session which most likely had us jumping and prancing around like loonies, but it definitely felt very good after.

We were treated with a hearty organic multi-grain bread with rice and soy based milk. We then met up with the baker of the organic bread who shared a lot of his motivations, principles and tips on bread making. He was also selling his home-made organic breads at the farm on Sundays. A few of us did not hesitate to buy a loaf or two from him. I particularly liked the way he wrapped his breads in brown paper and scribbled the reheating instructions by hand. I was also very inspired by his enthusiasm and conviction to his breads. I hope to learn from him someday. Since he lives around my area, it’s really easily possible.

The Home-made Organic Breads have to be preordered, and
you can contact Don Cai at 9478 0947 or 6892 4688.
Alternatively, email him at doncai18@yahoo.com.sg
Don’s breads come in
Plain Wholemeal Loaves,
Mulit-grain Loaves,
Wholemeal Walnut Buns, and
Wholemeal Raisin Buns

All his breads contain no sugar and are made with unbleached flour
and do not contain any improvers or preservatives.

Take a bite and be inspired!

Delivery is only available in Singapore


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