Wasting the Weekend

Saturday found me in Orchard Road. Went to have my watch serviced after its second hand fell off. Sigh, it’s gonna cost me around $65 to get it fixed, as well as 3 month’s waiting time. What will happen to me in the meantime, without a watch? The thought of that is unbearable, dunno the time for lunch, knock-off, sleep, go for night class make nuisance calls (not that I make any, but well…)
Anyway, walked all the way from Orchard down to Suntec, bypass my workplace (if you haven’t been informed, I’m now working a Esplanade)
Was hunting for books and magazines at Borders and Kinokuniya. Caught the cover of The New Paper, it’s got a report on the commando officer in charge of that dunking incident. Shit happens to the good people.
Out in the streets were countless “land-mines”.
“Please donate to the tsunami victims.”
“Please donate!”
Came across this guy who was playing cool with oakley shades and all doing his part for charity and he asked me for a donation. Frankly, I didn’t like him being in branded stuff asking for donations and I dissed him with cold silence and ignored him. I received an anal reply of “THANKS”
“YOU’RE WELCOME” I almost answered.
Go pawn your branded stuff and skip those protein shakes if you really want to contribute, TWAT.
Walk, walk, walk.
Finally out of the “minefields”.
Witnessed a local looking fat lady with 2 dogs. 1 urinated on the tiled ground opposite Orchard Point. Seriously wanted to go tell the b****hes off. (inclusive of her dogs, pun intended) She just left that golden puddle right at there for unknowing passers-by to step on it.
Singapore should pass a law against these irresponsible pet-owners to keep the environment clean. Not that I dislike pets, though.
What continues is an uneventful and undisturbed walk down to Suntec. All is quiet, i mean nothing spectacular is going on there. Went to RAOUL to try on some shirts.
Got hungry, lunch time. Hmm… avoid meat, avoid meat, avoid meat…
Ended up having a lonely lunch at Fish & Co. Tried something new on their menu, swordfish steak with bbq sauce. Wasn’t fantastic, will stick to their fish and chips next time.
Got bored, walked over to Stamford House to catch a bus home. Dozed off on the bus.
Got home, slacked. Went for a run.

Woke up 5 past 9. All’s quiet. Turned on the TV, programs sucked. They took One Piece and Japan Hour out, dammit.
At least there was Discovery Channel.
Then a thought came to my mind, “Lord of the Rings”.
Went on to waste 8 hours on the xbox playing Lord of the Rings – Return of the King. Managed to clear quite large part of the game.
Midway, Justin had called my cell-phone, SMSed me all without avail. until finally he called my home phone did I pause to take the call. He needed to pick up his thumb-drive before going over to the National Stadium to cheer for the Lions.
Sigh, the horrible addiction that is the gaming console. Missed the time for an evening run. Even missed The Apprentice season 2’s premiere. Got to stop it, but only after completing the Lord of the Rings game! :p

I have effectively wasted my weekend away. Can’t buy time. And life’s a bit depressing for this weekend. On the bright side, it means plenty of room for improvement, for the next weekend.
Thankfully there’s the RTT 24hr Selection Test next week…


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