Water, Be My Friend

Mum’s at Genting, back only in the evening. Got cereal but no milk in the morning. Ended up eating out for the first meal of the day.

My design for a email promo thingy for a music performance sucked. Needed to redo it. Thankfully, the second draft is acceptable. Now to work on 2 more up and coming events and a monthly e-newsletter. Preparing for another OT tomorrow. Yippee, I love OT. Keeps my puny brain occupied from wandering into the land of fertile imagination.

Brought a one litre cup to my work place. Made my personal water parade possible. Water, be my friend.

Thoughts from the organic farm still linger. Tried to avoid meat, but ended up having a ridiculous amount today. Morning had Big Breakfast, lunch had 2 sticks of satay and a chicken thigh, dinner was a LJS combo 1 consisting of 2pcs of chicken. Had a brief nightmare of numerous tumors growing in my stomach… Bleah~!
Got to find more greens around my workplace…

Knocked off on time to go for night class today. Discussed about games. Artificial Intelligence, a subject where you’ll find the perfect answer to just about every IQ question that you’ve come across. Suddenly it dawned on me that the smart aleck who started it all made him/herself really smart by making everyone else feel stupid or feel a false sense of intelligence.

Returned home, almost 11. Made a quick change for a quick run around my neighborhood. Had a good run tonight. Must be the water. Water, be my Friend. Drink Water for better performance. Glug-glug~


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