Tangled Tuesday

One mountain load of work was dumped to my micro department today (only got manpower of 2)

Also ended up with a potential new responsibility of changing bus stop billboards after helping out Glenn the intern.

Went thru the events in the upcoming months. Quite fascinated by the M1 Singapore Fringe Festival. The theme is “Art and War”. 4 performances caught my attention: “What Big Bombs You have!!!”, “Adolf”, “Anthology” and “Errorism – Flowers of Evil”.
“Big Bombs” is a dark-humour twist to the Red Riding Hood story that discusses the fears that we face consciously and subconsciously everyday.
“Adolf” and “Anthology” revolves around WWII, centering on Hitler and a Holocaust survivor’s story. Seems like something interesting to catch for a history lesson.
“Errorism” probably had your mind branching out to ‘Terrorism‘, which intentionally is the motivation behind this performance. Likely to be something quite abstract.

Got introduced to 3 hot babes from blue (www.bluesingapore.com).
Shaked hands, exchanged namecards. Only needed to show face today, in case things crop up when the Web Editor (read, my senior/supervisor) go back to Medan for CNY. i.e. I become the frontline while she’s taking a break. Maybe not a bad idea… 🙂

Stayed back till 10:30pm to get stuff done. Not bad, quite an accomplishment today, essentially cleared all the stuff piled onto this micro department. Just a pity cannot go to the premiere of Finding Neverland. Oh well, there’s always another of such occasion in future… 🙂

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