Tragic Thursday (well, hardly…)

First blog entry from my desk in the office! Nyuk~!

Had one times jialat-jialat self-imposed OT in a futile attempt to settle a mailer. Stayed till 10.40pm. Reached home when the clock struck 12. Downed a piece of bak kwa and a can of coca-cola to make myself happy. Did not hesitate to hit the sack straight after.

Woke up surprisingly refreshed today. Met up with CEO as I walked thru the office to my desk. Then browsed the newspaper. The Life! section was practically “owned” by Esplanade. Talk about subconscious marketing.

Managed to break out of that one mailer shackle! Finally, it has been overcome with much help from Kelly. But not without a late lunch. I’m just grateful that we managed to get the job done.

木船 is holding a concert at Esplanade this March! Something I would like to watch.

Also cleared just about everything at work this week too. Can enjoy the long weekend in peace. Not to mention that I have effectively “pon-tended” (that’s played truant or skipped class) this evening’s class. The lecturer tends to emphasize on “et cetera” anyway for that matter. A real challenge to catch the points from the constant diverting of topics. Definitely better to just sit down and read the textbook.

Definitely need a movie break tomorrow. Finally finding time to watch “Meet the Fockers”. Not to forget studies too. Gotta start on my assignments.

Yeah~ this has been a good week.
Praise The Big Guy Up There!

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