Wednesday Wipeout: 6 girls and a guy

“We could pay for his services with some LOVE~”

You wish! No risque stuff here.
After work on Wednesday, as I was just out of my office, I bumped into Tsuey Ling and Irene. They got with them 4 lady friends from overseas, 1 from UK, 1 from Australia, 2 from Slovakia (I think..)

Irene asked me to tag along for dinner at Thai Express in Colours by the Bay, at Esplanade. Got a good kick out of the ultra spicy mango salad. Yeah~

Then I turned into a tour guide, bring 6 ladies from Esplanade, cross the bridge to the Merlion, past The Fullerton Hotel into the CBD, through Boat Quay and finally down to Chinatown, where their dormitories are at.

Quite SHIOK when I brought them through Boat Quay. Felt as if every one was staring at me, a regular chinese guy “dating” 6 girls at once. And 4 of them were Ang Mohs. This guy must have some long-lost ultimate technique, like in period chinese martial arts movie! Qian Kun Da Nuo Yi + Ru Lai Shen Zhang + Jiu Yin Zhen Jing + Jiu Yang Shen Gong + Du Gu Jiu Jian + Xiang Long Shi Ba Zhang + Yi Yang Zhi + Liu Mai Shen Jian + Tai Ji Quan + Ling Bo Wei Bu + Tai Xuan Jing + Kui Hua Bao Dian… On second thought, skip the Kui Hua Bao Dian Haha!
Ok, the fantasizing ends here!

Shared with them stuff about Singapore’s past and present. The ladies were quite impressed, so was I. Didn’t realize there’s so much stuff about Singapore I could talk about. Maybe I should become a part-time local guide for Singapore. Definitely an interesting way to interact with foreigners.

It was 11.25pm when we split for home. Managed to catch the last bus back. But still had to settle some tasks for a friend.


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