Review: Hotel Rwanda

It’s a darn good show.

About a house manager of who fought to save the people who sought refuge in the hotel he was working in.

By his sheer spirit, he fought to protect his refugees. Giving bribes to the militia and the black market. He kept watch of the people under his care, until he brought them out of the country.

The atrocities of that time was incredibly captured in the movie. Genocide, corruption, the sheer insanity that drove the Rwandans to kill each other. Yet the most unthinkable of atrocities where committed by the western countries, having sent in troops in only to evacuate their people, literally leaving the refugees to die in the chaos. Inaction during those times turns out to be the greatest atrocity of all.

When the killing ended, it left death count of over 1 million, which only serves to quantify the atrocities of the western countries.

More info of the war, ethnic cleansing/genocide:


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