Terrific Tuesday

Getting off work earlier than usual is definitly a good thing.
It gave me an opportunity to stop and enjoy a few performance pieces at the Esplanade Concourse (that’s the area between the theatre and concert hall).
It was the NUS Chinese Orchestra performing tonight.
I was stopped in my tracks by a tune from Phantom of the Opera, performed with an Er-hu.
Then “Somewhere over the Rainbow”
A lady then played the “Titanic” theme on the chinese flute.
Followed by a tango piece by the quintet before ending off with a festive number for the Chinese New Year.

The music was easy listening and easy to appreciate.
Definitely worth the time spent there.
Plus it’s free.

Guess I’m likely to spend more time attending these performances at the Esplanade Concourse.
It’s on every weekday evening, I think.


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