Giant – Bringing out the “Ah Soh” in everyone

Giant opens in Marina Square, and the working class around the area are swarming to it.
The ladies in my office, who always upkeep an image, were instantly injected with the “Ah Soh” serum, 打回原型。 Hilarious.
The Corp Comms Manager, upon hearing the news of a freebie (a free bag of Lay’s Potato Chips), her eyes widened and admitted, “Really? Eh, I very ‘Ah Soh’ one, you know. How to get there?”
There goes the sophisticated image… (Cue the flushing sound)
Even the directors are not immune to the draw of cheap stuff from Giant.
Nope, in fact they embrace the “Ah Soh” spirit.
Frugal is now the IN thing around the Marina.
It’s cool to be seen at Giant,
and it’s HIP to be AH SOH.


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