Giant – Bringing out the “Ah Soh” in Everyone Part 3: Man with a Frying Pan

Ok, so the “Ah Soh” spirit has got to me.
Just a few hours ago, I was walking up and down the isles of the newly opened Giant hypermarket at Marina Square.
They had a few enticing offers like
Vanish O2 detergents
(500g for $6.90, 900g for $10.90, 1l Vanish O2 gel for $6.90)
Soupy Snax (70cents per pack, buy 4 get 1 FREE)
Tefal crockery on offer ranging from $15.90 to $38.90

Got some other stuff also, but I just happen to miss them out. Also, I only remember those fore-mentioned because I bought them.
Yes, I bought a Tefal frying pan and Vanish O2 detergent.
Buy for Mum to use also got problem is it?

If you need a laugh, just imagine how I was pacing up and down the isles with a frying pan and a bottle of detergent in my hands.
Next imagine how I carried the transparent plastic bag from Marina Square all the way back to Choa Chu Kang. Add a dash of curious eyes staring at the frying pan and a pinch of imaginary middle finger from my part.
Talk about out of place, my female colleague laments that it is damaging to my image.
I take effort to maintain my lack of image, you know.
But not that I give 2 hoots about it. (I can hardly give one. “Hoot” See, I can hardly bLog any further.)

Giant, zapping us back to our original self that is Uniquely Singaporean.


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