It’s a Conspiracy!

With the recent hoohah revolving around the nude photo posted on her blog by a Singaporean girl – which has become quite an urban legend now, by the way. (aiyah, it’s lah! It’s taken down anyway) – I can’t help but go google, yahoo, search, etc on this sensation. Hey, I’m a guy, and any straight guy with access to a broadband connection has got to be “fascinated”, “interested” and “curious” about this. I’m just not ashamed to let people know that I don’t have a proper social life, which is why I was free enough to do these “research”.

Anyway, straight to the “conspiracy theory”:
The Key Points:
1. The blog of Dick Chan, and a recently erased blog of another writer with similar writing style – probably the one that started it all.
2. The mention of a photographer in Dick Chan’s blog – the visuals leading to the hoohah.
3. Sarong Party Girl’s nude photo on her blog. (again, don’t bother. It’s off her site)

Joining The Dots:
a. SPG’s blog has a picture of a grimy, nude body with a slice of mango and papaya.
b. SPG’s nude post became THE topic in a Singapore-based blog discussion forum.
c. Singapore-based discussion forum mentions of her picture in a photographer’s online portfolio and pinpoints the pictures which identifies SPG.
d. Further exploration of Photographer’s portfolio reveals series of “artistic” pictures, which includes grimy nude with tropical fruits.
e. Zap back to DC’s (Dick Chan) blog entry of his boss’ photos, vivid description of postures.
f. Recall portfolio, visuals similar to vivid description of postures.

Plot Deepens:
i. more people get involved in this. enter “kate” and “jaslyn”
ii. “jaslyn’s” profile includes picture from photographer’s portfolio.
iii. however, photo was previously identification of SPG!

Dick Chan’s photographer friend owns online portfolio and has shot nude photos for DC’s lady boss, SPG, and/or “Jaslyn”. DC, Photographer and SPG are probably so-called “masterminds” of this talk of the town.

(and the theory goes on and on…)

In other words, they are all related. And they might be doing more of these stunts to take a stab at the general public, especially the mindlessness and the hypocracy that they disapprove of individuals’ actions but support another group’s initiative. (far-fetched example: a girl posts a nude picture for all the worldwide web to see vs Playboy being approved in Singapore)

But personally, the violent reaction of the public was really unnecessary. Why all the outcry? They don’t realise that the idiotic contradictions just results in slapping ourselves in the face?
Come on, when Crazy Horse and the “IR” were approved, people didn’t make THAT much noise. Now a single, inconsequential, exhibitionist action on the worldwide web and there’s a public outcry? Why can’t people just take a look if they are interested and close their eyes and keep their mouths shut?
Save your words for something more consequential!


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