IT’S RIGGED! London won the bid because of Singapore!!!

Reasons why London won…

1. Singapore was British Colony!
2. Singapore follows British English spelling!
3. There are England sounding places all over Singapore, like Dover Road, Pickering Street and Raffles wherever! The most power one is Victoria (Queen mah)!
4. All our old structure smells England, across the river got Fullerton, behind it got Victoria Theatre and Supreme Court!
5. English Premier League! Everybody watches it in Singapore! Why never show Spanish League?
6. Kaoz~! There’s even a Sir Stamford Raffles statue around the place where they play the IOC tikam!

So how the bloody hell Singapore become neutral ground in the first place?
There can only be one answer…
IOC is either very, very stoopid, or they are very very smart.
Stoopid because of all the things I mentioned above.
Smart because they know the people representing the other countries dunno f**k about Singapore plus they really wanted London to host 2012.


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