…but our passion is FILM MAKING

So (E)ster (I pronounce “ster” or “stir”) got us (Zengrong, me and later Kenneth and James) into this idea of participating in Project Pilot. Everyone’s got their own share of procrastination, blah, blah, blah… (you know, the usual stuff/excuses and such that are exchanged, maybe next time we can make a short film about excuses, to educate… no, to bring about the advancement of mankind!). One thing led to another and ended up with an idea of a ridiculous story about a loan shark, a traditional chinese artist and a graffiti punk. The unlikely trio’s unusual and unique interdependency was to be the essence of the story. Great idea, but too little time to elaborate, shit…

Condensation after condensation, draft after draft, endless mindless discussion and (E)ster bailing us at the most critical moment (she flew off to Phuket! <insert personalized swear word here>!), blah, blah, blah, etc. Come to think of it, maybe a short film about 5 clueless jokers trying to make a short film is not a bad idea either, but it goes back to the same stupid outcome – too much story to tell, too little time.

Anyway, long story short, everyday also we got new idea. Finally we decided upon an ultra-lame idea of a show-down at a void deck between the loan shark and the graffiti punk (a la Kungfu Hustle, only absolute zero budget and no special effects). No Chinese traditional artist because no budget, no time, no cast and no heart, too tired already. The loan shark (played by Zengrong) was constantly stealing shut eyes whenever he behind the camera.

I am now scripting an even lamer sequel to add more dimension to both characters. The first draft has been sent to the team of Not 3 Not 4 participating in Project Pilot. Incidentally, that’s my team consisting of (E)ster, Zengrong, Kenneth, me and possibly James.

As for our chances, we realized that we could be very very realistic and be optimistic. This in after watching the last episode of the 9pm drama series on Channel 8. Zengrong concluded that the actors were great but the script was crap (the bad guy went mad and was admitted to an asylum! It’s like the 双天至尊 (Unbeatables) all over again), which is obviously the reason why there is Project Pilot in the first place.

Maybe I should get Not 3 Not 4 to start making the sequel and post it here for all to see, consequently bringing about the end of television as we know it. I’m singing “Internet killed the video star” in my head now, and my neighbours can hear me.


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