Rocking on at Climb Adventure

Venue: Climb Adventure
Attendees: Yin Kiat, Limin, Weijie, Wesley, Justin, Ryan, Di Yong (correct or not ah?), Josephine, Shu Yen (that’s me)
Date: 18 Sep 05, Sun

Here we are once again at Climb Adventure “scaling new heights”, testing the limits of this lump of carbon-based material.
Long story cut short:
We climb,
We take photos,
We climb,
We fall,
We climb again,
We check people out,
We take photos of these people we check out,
We leave,
We had Hum Chi Peng at Maxwell Market,
We went home.
I put up the nice pictures on my Multiply for all to see.
All who see these pictures are happy.
Many decide to go rockclimbing more regularly.
We get better and better.
We take on the roof and then some more.
And finally, WORLD DOMINATION!!! (yeah, right…)

It’s a wonder I managed to type this far with fingers I can hardly use for anything…
argh… fingers… cramping… help…


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