What kind of a sick Children’s Day is this?

Being part of the alumnus of SP Rovers (It’s a scout thing) means that we get to witness a (SP) Rovering tradition that has withstood the test of time – Bapok Night (not a scout thing). For the benefit of
those non-Singlish speaking, it means Cross-Dressing Night. More specifically, Bapok refers to men that dress and/or behave like a girl.

Alright, enough of explanation and definition, let’s cut to the chase yah.

1 October 2005, incidentally Children’s Day, but we are all over-aged anyway.

So, the current Rovers had booked a chalet at Changi Village over the weekend. The “old birds” (alumni) were invited. Most of the time, the intention is really to crash the party.

Anyway, back to the main event, the Bapok Night.

5 contestants underwent an extreme makeover courtesy of the ladies in the house.

They were transformed into, well, pretty decent looking “women”, and good enough for business at Changi Village. Sure there are a few rough edges (crumpled newspaper for enhanced assets), but I’m sure they can
pass under the dim lighting at the famed carpark. Just pray that they don’t get groped, or get confronted by the real McCoys.

This year’s quality was quite outstanding actually. Arguably the best ever. Too bad that the 5 contestant stopped short of doing a pictorial. It would have created a new demand for photography service.
Maybe next year.

Want to give a vote to your favourite bapok? Click here

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