Win Some, Lose Some

Some things in life function hand in hand to maintain equilibrium. Big or small, they all seem to fall in place somewhere somehow. It doesn’t just occur in Physics. It reminds me of a theory a teacher liked to use: “If the lecture hall talk louder and louder, then the teacher will have to talk softer and softer. It is only in this way that equilibrium is maintained.”
Today was a perfect example for me of equilibrium taking place beyond the realms of Physics, or maybe it may well really have been Physics at work. Allow me to elaborate.

My boss had suggested to attend a function on her behalf. It was the opening reception of E2MAX at Orchard Cineleisure, 9th storey. It’s touted to be Singapore’s largest gaming hub, with (if I heard the emcee correctly) 200 high performance PCs and many many xbox consoles all over the place. It’s even got private rooms with PCs and xboxes, like KTV rooms but you kill each other with guns instead of the traditional microphones.

Anyway, I had a task at hand over there. I was supposed to look for anybody from I chanced upon a lady who had what might probably be a OLED screen strapped to her breasts. OK, I was just sensationalizing that. She really had a t-shirt with the screen in place of that specific part. Come to think of it, it’s quite a predicament. She has to bear that fact that men are staring at her breast, and can’t do anything about it. For men, well, the shy ones steal glances while the non-shy ones stare outright lah.
A paradoxical gimmick.

I noticed the lady for a reason. The content (no, I don’t mean the boobs) was about the plasma screens they were showcasing. And I needed to look for possible solutions to manage the plasma screens at the Esplanade. Imagine having to strike a conversation with a lady on the topic strapped to her breasts… Thankfully, I was chicken enough to ask straight away if she was with the company I was looking out for. So I was introduced to this Michael Boord person who is the Managing Director. Blah, blah, blah, lame business talk, rough specifications, I would like to see what you guys have to offer. Blah, blah, blah. Shake hands goodbye. I go and play The Matrix – The Path Of Neo. I would affectionately call the game The Matrix – The Loads of Shit You Get After Swallowing The Red Pill.

So after loads of nonsense at the PC, I heard my name called out. Apparently I’ve won myself a Motorola ROKR E1 (that iTunes enabled phone advertised by Madonna). Lucky me. Picked up my prize, got shot by photographer, happily I go back to the PC to continue my quest as Neo. Not end of story yet. The emcee then need to give away more prizes. I kena again. He roved around the place looking for unsuspecting guests to ask simple questions. So being simple I managed to answer the question correctly lah. Got another prize. A universal USB charger for cellphones. Things can’t get any better, right? You bet! Everything went downhill from there.

I walk down Orchard Road, going towards Esplanade, thinking to myself, “What a wonderful day, won myself a new handphone, Big Guy Up There must be up to something good…”
Happy lah, even helped those youngsters fill up surveys.

Reached Raffles City, just in time to catch some Batman Begins LIVE Show. Highlight of the show was Batman zipping down to the stage with a flying fox system. But the rest of the show was like a cabaret. To the extent that choreographed fight scenes also very gu-niang (Imagine Batman fighting like a girl). But nevermind lah, got free phone for nothing what. Anyway the show targetted at kids. All that matters is that the kids are happy mah.

Step into office. Happily tell my neighbour win new handphone. Then Juana walked over.
First she complained why I never release emails from the MIMESweeper.
Whammy One.
Shit happened.
Then she complained why her Jamaica Cafe event on her plasma not working. Worse, she was informed by the bosses. So die lah, she told me it was her shit, but it was because of me that the shit went to her.
Whammy Two.
Shit happened again.

So “sorry” and admitting I messed up big time has no value at all here. Not anywhere at all really. I have to accept that. So must damage recovery lor. What to do. See what happen on Monday lor. Definitely kena big time. *Sigh*

Maybe that ROKR landed in my hands for a reason in the first place too. Something tells me to anticipate the impending doom…

So far the bad things has outweighed the good, equilibrium should be coming, right?
Or had that already come as the widened jobscope i.e. cooler portfolio?

Maybe there is still a good thing to happen…
(Must be optimistic mah…)

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