The Christmas Weekend…

I can’t describe how wonderful this Christmas weekend has been.

Friday, I was with wonderful company to watch The Magic Of Love. Okay, the explanation part was a bit long. But, like I said, I was with wonderful company. Plus, I received a wonderful gift from Joyce. 🙂 See? Open, close and in between all wonderful.

Saturday, I visited Joyce’s church for their Christmas performance. She was in charge of the food, and was a little stressed that she was the only one there to cut up 30 swiss rolls. Felt good to ‘rescue’ her from that. Then went to the auditorium to catch their choir carol. Thought it was quite nice, but she told me how they messed up in the past. End of the performance, the food. Eat, then clean up. Helped clear up the place too. Eh, cannot impress people is it? :p Then we went for a cup of tea, she needed caffeine to stay awake for her midnight show. Told her about how I asked if my ex-colleague wanted creamer with his Earl Grey, only to be told that you aren’t supposed to add creamer to Earl Grey. I was young and ignorant then, I still am now. :p we passed the time waiting for her friend to arrive. Escorting her to the train, she carried on with her friend to town for the show. I hopped on the opposite train back home.

Sunday involved service at Expo. Went home straight after. The headache was acting up again. Owen and I were on the train. He suggested it was the lack of sleep. I definitely admit to that. Told him I had been too happy recently I couldn’t fall asleep. 🙂 Then I found out that Joyce was falling sick, as she had been busy with Christmas the whole weekend till really late. 😦 Could only hope and pray that she would get better.

Monday, the old buddies from Rovers gathered for one last time before (E)ster flies off to France to meet up with Cedric, her French boyfriend. Had a huge lunch at Maxwell. Then we moved on to SUNTEC in hope of finding her winter jacket. Can’t find. Her time is running short. And she flies tomorrow. Have a safe journey.

Went home, ate, watched TV, went for a short run. Checked up on Joyce. Waited for 2 hours before her reply. Turns out she only got home well past eleven. She even asked if I wanted to go night cycling on New Year’s Eve. To which I agreed.

Still can’t describe how wonderful this Christmas weekend has been.
Hope New Year’s Eve will be better.
Very happy is like an understatement. 🙂

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