The Hair Gel Effect

“Did you do something to your hair?” asked Sandy, the Finance Manager.

My reply was, “Yeah, more hair gel.”

Prior to this, I had actually overheard a speaker at BIG BOYZ TOYZ exhibition make this statement: “The more hair gel you use, the more successful you look.”

I bring to your attention from long long time ago, in a show called Gurmit’s World. Yeah, he emptied a whole tub of hair gel on his head and proceeded to comb his hair.

Why am I writing this?
Don’t know. It just suddenly seem amusing to that all these actually have one thing in common, hair gel.

But on a more serious note, I guess what the speaker said did have some truth in his words, look at Gurmit Singh now. Oh yeah, guess you could say that I got noticed for more hair gel. :p

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