Realised I have been typing a lot recently. And it seems to have a “balancing” effect on sanity. Guess bLogging is quite an effective vent for all the nonsense to escape the carbon-based form. At least for me. What this really means is all this while insanity goes into this bLog. Cool, It means you can actually derive that I might well be a psycho-bLogger! Woo-hoo~!

Anyway, just to add on about this “theory”. Justin had also shared a series of twists and turns involving a blog. It involved himself (J), a certain Miss Zhang (Z), her blog and a possessive, control freak of a boyfriend (B).
J gets to know Z
Z finds a listening ear in J
Z talks about B
J listens, empathizes and suggests courses of action to Z
Z writes, gains momentum, finds satisfaction in venting her frustrations of B in her blog
B oblivious of Z’s blog
J reads Z’s blog
B finds out about Z’s blog eventually
B is shocked from Z’s blog entries about him
B express wish to work with Z on their relationship
J askes why Z doesn’t want to end the no hope relationship
Z replies she has been so long with B, she doesn’t want to step into uncharted territory

Well, at least there was a so-called positive resolution at the end. Just that things didn’t work out like a fairy tale. All I can say is, some things really take a longer time.

Now I’ve gotten the bLog-therapy mumbo-jumbo part out of my system… It’s time to go on to the by product of this round’s bLog-therapy.

I haven’t been keeping up with the news lately. No time to flip through the papers, watch the news, listen to radio… Hell, I don’t even have time to read my copies of FHM and Maxim! Only got time to read the comics in Life! and Digital Life, Mind Your Body and URBAN. So yes, I readily admit that I’m swakoo.

Coincidentally, my colleague, Keith, has apparently been keep abreast with the latest sensational homicide in the news: the Dover Road Murder. Which leads me to comment that high profile murders are a hallmark of a metropolitan city. Of course, not there is such a thing as a low profile murder, not in Singapore anyway. In the recent news, there was the Huang Na Murder, The Constance Chee Incident, The Halucinating Wife Killer… You get the picture, we are getting a lot of people killed here. And you thought that this particular murder would be the last, another comes along in succession.

So I bring your attention to the United States, metropolitan cities. And I bring to you attention some high profile cases. JFK Assasination, Charles Manson, Gianni Versace Murder, The Washington Sniper, OJ Simpson just to rattle off a few. So the US has its share if high profile murders.

And so comes the hypothesis that high profile murders are a hallmark of a metropolitan city. Not that this crazy idea should stand. It’s just amusing for me whenever I think about it.

But while I’m at this topic, thoughts enroach to another question: What about everywhere else? In other words, what about non-metropolitans? More specifically, what about the third world?
Surely there is also such killings everywhere else. Does that make those places metropolitan cities? In the ideology of democratic capitalism (simply, “money talks” ideology), the answer is no. But the fact is killings everywhere else isn’t anywhere less sensational. Typically involving the 7 deadly sins. But thanks to the media, we see these “high profile” events only from US and of course from within our shores. Not that we should become frogs in our own individual wells. But imagine if somewhere else in the third world, an incident that is a carbon-copy of the Dover Road Murder, minus HDB flat, electric fan, ironing board. I imagine it would probably be bare fists, sticks and rocks. Definitely no less lethal.

I ask myself: Is the value of life different in these 2 cases?
Definitely not. A life anywhere is a life worth cherishing.

What can we do within our abilities to keep our eyes open to these madness and react accordingly?


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