Ministry of Sound Pre-Opening Party

Managed to get an entry pass to Ministry of Sound’s Pre-Opening Party. (Don’t ask where I got all these nonsense from. Have means have, don’t have means don’t have) I’m not much of a party person, but I was curious to see what kind of nonsense they’ve got in there, so I went to take a look lor. Only brought the ROKR into the venue. So only got these half-past-six shots.

I guess the main dance floor wasn’t really anything special, maybe the music is better compared to everywhere else, Ministry of Sound mah. Don’t play-play with a ministry lor. Anyhow, they opened some VIP areas for the invitees to take a look. They are definitely more spectacular. One got a futuristic feel to it. It was brightly lit, funky, and had everything white and plasticky, accented by bits of red here and there. And they had these giant bean bags that are 2 metres across. The other was psychedelic retro all over, complete with those Saturday Night Fever lit dance floor and disco globes.

Oh yah, Cris Lu was the door bitch that night. And she seemed freaked when I called her by her name. Oh well, guess I sort of find it fun to freak people out.


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