Fortunately, I still exist…

Goodness! It’s been almost a week since I wrote any nonsense here!

It feel like I had ceased to exist, died, vaporized from the surface of Earth.

Anyway, it’s good to announce for the sake of announcing that I’m still alive, not that people who don’t know me cares. Also good to say that it’s been quite a fruitful week so far. 🙂

Like meeting up with Zengrong at PSS (Photographic Society of Singapore) last night. There was a few things going on there and we sort of managed to steal a few pointers from the instructors. We then proceeded to Rochor Beancurd. Although I was feeling miserable the whole time due a splitting headache. I think we talked for an hour or more on the recent nonsense that we have been busy with like work, studies, events, movies, theology, women…
For the matter on theology, I was telling ZR that coming to know God is matter of fate. So I told him it is just a matter of time. My stand is that it is always better to let people truly experience the goodness, through their Christian friends lives, instead of “hard sell” ministering.
Also, on the topic of women, we both agreed that we would keep such things secret because knowing our bunch of friends, we would probably “spoil each other’s plans”. A further debate resulted in both of us acknowledging that I’m more likely the culprit for that matter. :p

Not to mention that I received a number of Christmas gifts from my colleagues during the week. Thereafter, I was under stress to get theirs, but it was definitely good fun to go around checking out stuff available in the ‘market’. Bumped into Shermaine who was also doing her last minute Christmas shopping. Then she ended up ill on the following day. Must be all the Christmas shopping stress, even I’m getting it in the form of that splitting headache.

Also, I met up with Mr Lee (Zexian) on Monday. He brought me to a mixed rice stall at Purvis Street. Really good stuff they have there, though a little bit expensive. The conversation topics was faith and relationships. Basically, I was asking rather dumb questions, for the sake of asking, like “Didn’t some of the characters in the Bible have more than one wife? What’s with that? I mean I believe in this thing about monogamy lah…”

Prior to that, my weekend consisted of a movie date and church. The date was brief but it was definitely one of the highlights of the week. We watched Perhaps Love. She concentrated on staring at Takeshi Kaneshiro while I anticipated Jacky Cheung’s unsurpassable singing. The God of Songs still lives up to his name effortlessly. I must get the soundtrack for that show. Maybe I’ll also get her the DVD so that she can satisfy appetite for eye-candy. Walked her back to her condo and gave her a Christmas present.
As for church, Pastor Lawrence is always pleasantly entertaining. Unfortunately, I just forgot probably all the things he had said on Sunday. Must be due to all the happy thoughts about all the things that happened on Saturday. Yup, I smiling senselessly to myself.

Oh well, I better get going. Meeting up with ZR in a while to go Ministry of Sound, because I got another invitation.

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