Christmas Fever

Christmas. I’m now at odds with this Christmas celebration thing. I love it because of the atmosphere, the shopping, the discounts, the giving, the receiving, the food. I hate it because of the magic of Christmas is now, not to mention there’s too much heaty food around. They are either chocolates, log cakes, fruit cake or any lethal combination of the fore-mentioned. Obviously I’m saying all these because I have been down with a debilitating, skull-splitting headache coupled with bouts of high temperature. And Yes, I have also been in the office during these 3 days of misery. Thankfully there’s always something nice to daydreaming about, it sort of takes away the pain. Ok, I’m smiling with stupidity now.

Anyway, I had intended to see a doctor for that senseless headache because I’ll probably get more complications from an overdose of Panadol if I just carried with my self-medication. I can almost feel my stomach developing ulcers already. Yuck.

Unfortunately, I realised that this particular clinic in Marina Square had a really stupid operations procedure which totally demolishes the ethics of practice. In short, this clinic turned me away because it was lunchtime. I almost wanted feign passing out on the spot in front of the doctor and the assistant.

Wah lau eh~! It’s town area! There are stupid people like me who were in office in the morning and are naive enough to think that clinics in town would open during lunchtime for losers like me! Piang eh~!

I think it’s better for me to endure till knock off and go to my neighbourhood GP. Raffles Medical in town is probably ridiculously expensive. Plus the doctor looked as if he’s going to get a heart attack or stroke any time…

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