Bon Voyage!

Yesterday our good friend, Ester (affectionately known to us as ‘ster) left for France to meet up with her French boyfriend. So the bunch of us went to see her off at Changi Airport.

Nothing fantastic. But some joker said to meet at Starbucks at Terminal One. What’s wrong with that? Nothing, except there isn’t any Starbucks at Terminal One! Consequently there were those on time scouring T1 trying to find a coffee joint that doesn’t exist. Lucky ‘ster still had a cellphone with her. So one really intelligent person called her. (It wasn’t me, I was late.)

“Row 3.”

Thus the mystery is solved.

Consequently, they went up to the food court above. Most of us had something from Popeye’s Chicken’s menu, except they didn’t get chicken, they got fish instead. In fact I was the only one there having chicken. Of course Daniel had chicken rice, so that sort of makes two of us. Unfortunately, that was quite a bad experience for him, the chicken rice cost him $10! So lesson learnt, don’t buy local foodfare at the airport.

Back to the rest who had Popeye’s Chicken stuff. Everyone else had ordered fish… Quite farny lah, Popeye’s Chicken means it’s good for the chicken to some extent at least, right? Well, at least I would say that the sides (fries, mashed potato, coleslaw) are quite commendable. Fries were crispy and well-flavoured, coleslaw had visible shreds of pickles in it to add punch to the taste. The mashed potato was especially good, the gravy had shreds of chicken in it and was exceptionally fragrant, KFC’s whipped potato is crap in comparison. The chicken I had was ok, I guess.

After a mandatory picture for remembrance, we did usual drama-mama sequences, the hugs (ladies only), the handshakes, the face-stuck-on-the-glass, the weeping goodbyes, the goodbye kiss blocked by the glass, etc. Too bad never take pictures of the more dramatic ones, would have been a classic series.

As we went our way back home, each split off for their directions at the interchange, leaving Daniel and me on the west bound train. showed him the photos I had taken since the Christmas weekend. Came across Amy’s picture (Amy’s a friend of Joyce), she was carrying a toddler. Daniel suggested to try going after her. I only asked him not to make my life complicated…

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