Year of Celebration

A special new year’s party by FCBC at Singapore Expo. In a word and a few pictures, it was happening.

Some background:
It is told that 2006 is a year of celebration. So the idea here is to make every service this year a party. o_O (I’m lost in this too. I’m asking Cheh Hsien on this, and he told me that it is a year of sowing for him. Consequently, I’m now even more blur about this.)

So on to the main event. It’s like a superstar’s concert. And it’s probably appropriate, Jesus Christ is a superstar and much more. There’s pyrotechnics, tapestry, fancy lights, “crazy fans”, etc.

Anyway here’s the part of analysis:
I’ve got to admit that FCBC is really good at market research.
Think about this. YouthNet is, well, for youths. And youths are an impressionable bunch. They love to dream, love the idea of idols, attending cool concerts, telling their peers about the stuff they went to and how cool the stuff were. Of course there are those who believe in the importance of academics. I stress that I’m not saying we shouldn’t dare to dream, though.

So back to the point, with all these laid out, the only thing to do is to “package” Sunday Service into something that will cater to the youths’ demand and give them a great high. (Don’t take my word for it, I quote Pastor Lawrence on the “high” part.) And then, keep them coming back for more.

Really, it is a good thing. It keeps the youths on the right path through the good teachings from the Bible. It definitely keeps them going. Talk about a great system.

Hmm… Guess I just ran out of juice on this topic. So what do you think?

Click here for more pictures of the event.

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