Yellow, Creamy and Bittersweet

I just started a blog project to chronicle the typical Singaporean life. I hope it relates to the typcial middle-class Singaporean.

It’s about little personal struggles in everyday life.
It’s about the monotony and one’s attempts to break out of it.
It’s about the down on luck situations that just makes us want to curse and swear.
It’s about our typical aspirations for a car, a flat and a few kids if we can afford it.
It’s about our love for rojak, barbequed stingray, chilli crabs, char kway teow, chicken rice and durian.
It’s about growing up.
It’s about an occasional indulgence where we can spoil ourselves.
It’s about how we feel when our ministers discuss national issues.
It’s about how we evolve in our thoughts.
It’s about justifying our existence.

It’s a personal project for now. And it’s still at its humble beginning stage and no doubt it is probably unoriginal. But I still hope readers will find time to look at this blog and give comments and your thoughts about this little red dot on the world map. Because it is about the identity.

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