“Ice” Branding

Just returned from lunchtime at Raffles Place.
Had Don’s Pie.
Good Stuff. Two Thumbs Up.
Then I popped over to Ya Kun for a kopi peng (iced coffee).

“How much?”

Strange. I remember Ya Kun everywhere else charges $1.80 for kopi peng, but this “flagship” stall charges just 10 cents for the ice. Reminds me of the Ang Moh’s story at a food court from my lecturer…

“How much is an iced coffee?”
“What? How much is a hot coffee then?”
“90 cents.”
“You mean the ‘ice’ cost 90 cents?”

From now on, I shall prefix an ‘ice’ on anything that I might want to sell.
That way, I can charge more for the product or service.
“Ice” <whatever>.
Got a ring to it, doesn’t it?


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