Non-smokers get your Fresh Air Breaks

Smokers have been using smoke break as an excuse for skiving for too long. Non-smokers must take back what is theirs at work! If smokers need cigarettes, non-smokers need fresh air!

Non-smokers need Fresh Air Breaks!

Imagine, if a smoker takes 6 smoke breaks a day at work, each one lasting 5 minutes, that would chalk up 30 minutes of skiving. Let 2 smokers off to a smoke break, that would mean 2 man-hours lost because humans have a tendency to gather and “socialize”. 1 man-hour for the act of smoking, and 1 man-hour for the “socializing”. If smokers need cigarettes to to clear their heads, non-smokers need fresh air to clear theirs!

Non-smokers need to stand up for their fresh air rights as to smokers for their smoking rights. Just think, who covers for the smokers job when they go on smoke break? The non-smokers! Smokers should learn to reciprocate, you know! Non-smokers should have the right to skive too!

So, non-smokers unite and go for a fresh air break, NOW!


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