“Think of all the beautiful children they’ll have…”

The topic of inter-racial relationships popped up again in a conversation between my girlfriend and I. A previous similar conversation had occurred when Mr Rajaretnam passed on and it was reported that he had an ang moh wife.

The quirkiest thing about this was the almost unanimous reaction that goes, “Think of all the beautiful children they would have had.”

Damn funny lah, every time some someone put asian and ang moh together, they think about the outcome in the form of an offspring. I mean it’s like sex is a sure (fire) thing between the two.

Anyway, while we were still on that topic of the “beautiful children”, I thought might as well spread the dumb idea of getting mail order brides from exotic Eastern European countries with even more exotic names. If they come here, got married, pop some mixed blood children and still have free time, they could even contribute some freshness to the modelling scene regionally. Like that, we can say we not only bring in and keep the foreign talent, but we even (re)produce foreign talent… Ok, that’s a bit far out and nonsensical, or maybe not…


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