The Crowds can’t be Wrong

Bringing you the cheap and good.

This idea came about when decided to venture to Raffles Place. Realizing that there were food stalls that drew the queues, (because Singaporeans are very orderly people) I thought it would be something to blog about.

And so we will start off with a giant step at Golden Shoe Carpark (hur, hur, hur… what a lame pun.)

What: Nasi Lemak
Name of Stall: Golden Shoe Nasi Lemak
Price: $2 onwards

Key Success Points:
They make very good chicken wings and drumsticks.
Their green nasi lemak rice.
Value for money. Very good for those people who need to scrimp and save to repay loans, invest, prepare for wedding, go for holidays, buy pointless souped-up handphones, buy car, buy petrol, buy milk powder, pay alimonies, keep mistresses happy, etc…

First, the quality brings in the queue.
Second, low prices keeps the mcoming back.
Don’t need to take my word for it, just look at the queue.
Still not convinced? Then just go try it yourself.


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