CHIVAS Psychedelia

Just went to DXO for this CHIVAS party.

Basically went there to try out CHIVAS the drink. End up I got wasted after the third drink. (see third picture)

Can’t write too much, low level of creativity due to the alcohol in the blood.

Ok, the interesting part is the reception ladies with plunging necklines.
So you got many reception people around you. The reception got a couple of good-looking ladies, one of them was in a costume (like the one in picture 1 and 2) with the guest list and she was seated at a table and I’m standing before it. So the line of sight is, well, interesting lah. Then the rest of the people at the reception table is keeping an eye on you. So basically you try not to take a deliberate look (i.e. stare lah) at the view. Don’t be rude mah.

Maybe I’ll go back to see if anything more happening in the uncle’s club (i.e. DXO). Scar-li see DOM (dirty old men) staring at the jiggling, glittery models.

Click here to view pointless video of glittery models jiggling to the music

The Sequel

The bouncer actually let a frumpy looking guy like me walk into the party with a D70 in tow. So I just shoot like nobody’s business lor, now got clearer pictures and then some extra action…

Guess I’m not so wasted anymore. :p

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