Embarrassing Parenting

I’m not sure about you, but I think a child can stop using the milk bottle by, say, 3 years old?

As much as this entry seems so gossipy, I hope to convey an abnormality of this generation, or more aptly, degeneration.

So I was on the train today on my way back home and opposite me was boy feeding from a milk bottle.
Grown boy fed from a milk bottle

Then on further observation, which included eavesdropping on his grasp of English, Chinese and the occasional “lahs” and “lehs” (he speaks in complete sentences), estimation of his height, he was probably 9 years old.
Grown boy fed from a milk bottle

Goodness! A 9-year-old boy still drinking from a bottle?

Indulge me as I add insult to injury:
This grown boy needs to be coaxed to be fed by the maid.
This grown boy needs to rest his head on the maid’s lap to drink milk.
This grown boy cannot wait till after the train ride to be fed.
This grown boy claims that he cannot finish the bottle of milk.
This grown boy is drinking milk from a bottle. (I can’t get over this!)

Oh, did I mention that his parents behaved as if they weren’t related to each other and the child. The mother stood at the train doors while the maid was feeding the boy. The father sat a few seats away from the maid, “absorbed” in his newspaper.
Can’t blame them though. I would behaved the same if I were that boy’s parent.
Yes, I do agree it is an embarrassment as parents to have a grown child who still drinks from a milk bottle.

Oh, how do I know they are family?
The milk bottle incident happened on the east-west line. Once they transferred to the north-south line at Jurong East, they sat together as if nothing happened, except for the father though, he was still at his newspapers.
One Happy Act Blur Family

I see the future, and the future is bleak.

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