Hooked! Fresh Catch Daily

Location: Rail Mall, 390 Upper Bukit Timah Road

Lovers' Platter for 2

Here’s a new place the girlfriend and I found that’s a joy to visit.

My recommendations
The girlfriend and I had ordered the lovers’ platter for 2 where there were very nice grilled scallops, but I thought it was spoiled by their fried stuff. So I think it is better to order individual main courses.

Their side dishes are really good too, especially their potatoes and linguine, only 80 cents each.

Few things that I love about this place.

Their method of preparing their fish.

Usually steamed, poached or grilled, the fish retains its flavor and is light on the palate. When you have fresh fish, this is the way to go because the freshness is a huge factor for the taste and texture. Of course, these methods are healthier, though it also means it’s easier to make room for more food.

Variety of fish
The main difference here is a more local variety of fish. Think grouper, sea bass, salmon, pomfret. Yes, I think this is the main reason why this restaurant chose to steam, poach and grill.

Options of side dishes
I thought this is a good idea, especially when other seafood restaurants like Manhattan Fish Market and Fish & Co always load tons of rice and fries.

You get to to add side dishes at 80 cents and onwards per dish so that you can concentrate on the taste of the main attraction.

Family friendly – Spacious and relaxed
There is this empty space right after the entrance that is really good for children to move around in. Another honorable mention goes to the “smiley fries“, which the girlfriend and I dubbed “smelly flies”, thanks to our local accent (Singlish lah). I think they owners didn’t want to fill up the place with tables for profit and instead chose to keep it spacious for less staff to serve the customers more effectively. I didn’t feel rushed in this place and I like that. The Girlfriend also mentioned that the choice of colors (yellow and blue) was very effective in setting th relaxed mood. Best of all, the customers were all in really relaxed attire – t-shirts, bermudas and sandals. Very cozy.

Kids Meal from Hooked! Hooked! Hooked! Hooked! Hooked! Hooked! Lovers' Platter for 2 Hooked! Hooked!


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