Have A Good Friday, we all need it.

Just ranting here in a bid to get the bad vibes out of the system so that I can look forward to playing the miserable, overworked and underpaid employee.

Being a Singaporean isn’t really fantastic. Democracy here is hearing the 2% GST hike, complaining about it and getting ignored about it.

Being an employee isn’t anything wonderful. Sure, being employed is a happy problem. But with every organization wanting to at least 150% out of an individual, I can’t be sure. We all wish to work in Google or Patagonia, but that’s eventually a pipe dream.

Being a Singaporean Employee, well, I guess everything is best left unsaid.

Which is why I hold the holidays so dearly. It is a time where I don’t have to deal with people in office. Not to say they aren’t nice people. It is just that everyone seems to have a habit of finding things that needs to be done immediately on Fridays and eves of public holidays. Yes, they tend to do that an hour before the end of the day. And yes, they go off, leaving you to work your ass off.

Now that is just not nice.


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