Review – SPIDER-MAN 3

Spider-man brings forth fond memories of a close friend who fell in love with the character. What saddens me is that he will never watch it with us.

Sticking to the progression of the comic, especially in the aspects of villains, the third instalment of Spider-man was really something worth watching. With the advancement of technology for special effects, everything looks more realistic and seamless to the surrounding environment. The sequences are more spectacular and incredible. (Hey, we are talking about The AMAZING Spider-man here.) Of course, almost everybody knows by now there’s the new Goblin, Sandman and Venom.

Also true to the comic series, the inner struggles that Peter Parker a.k.a. Spider-man were very well-portrayed in the movie… Well, and maybe accelerated and disjointed. The movie is like a patch work of conveniences that allows the Spider-man story to be told in 140 minutes. The original Spider-man comic tells of Spidey battling in some faraway universe before returning to Earth with the black suit who brings the fast asleep Peter Parker on a midnight swing through the city. This compared to the black stuff arriving in a meteorite, and Spidey suddenly awakening with a black suit. And not so true to the comic, (correct me if I’m wrong) Gwen Stacy is supposed to be long dead, let alone actually be a love interest of Eddie Brock a.k.a. Venom. Anyway, if you’re the pure-bred who studies the Spider-man comic literature, Venom shouldn’t be dead but in jail so that we could probably get Carnage, and subsequently Spider-man and Venom teaming up against Carnage. But anyway, there’s a lot of sub-plots and alternate stories and if I may call them, side-shows. It’s complicated. Some characters get cloned, revived and even evolved and upgraded. Personally I wold love to see Spider-man, Venom and Carnage on screen together fighting it out.

Anyway, some things noticed in the movie which may be welcome or disappointing:
Kirsten Dunst (Mary Jane Watson) seemed a lot skinnier, which isn’t really as nice. I think she filled out her dress better in Spider-man 1.
Less of James Jonah Jameson, I liked that character’s comic effect in the movie.
Venom apparently vaporized, Eddie Brock included, which may mean no Carnage.
Harry apparently dead as well, which basically basically ends the intriguing family saga on screen. Unless of course some surrogation process pops out another Osborn (which somehow happens in the comics by the way).

But for a good time, don’t ponder too much about the comic plots and the movie’s. Just go watch the movie and if you can, catch it in Digital 4K.


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