Pirates of the Caribbean – At World’s End

Last time we left off, the Jack Sparrow got swallowed by the kraken and the rest of the gang went off to find a witch and an old friend for help.

Fast forward, with a new captain, they find a pirate from Singapore to try and find a map to Jack Sparrow. At the same time, a naval fleet is out to kill off all pirates with the Flying Dutchman captained by sotong face, Davey Jones. So everybody is trying to outsmart everybody else and everything is just one beautiful mess. In the end, a significant character became an undead and can only appear every ten years, much like the 牛郎织女 story, but the ten years trumps our once a year legend, well, ten times over.

My say? Go watch it! Damn entertaining lor. Vely funny. All the fights damn ping-ping-piang-piang one! See already damn shiok! The finale hor, ships sandwich one ship and ka-ba-boom! Sibeh spectacular lor!
Like Mr Brown, I also wish they had given more screen time to Chow Yun Fatt, because his character, Sao Feng was so well-portrayed.

Anyway, stay till after the end of the credits. Got some boh liao stuff to watch that will tell you that there should not be Pirates 4 even though everybody seem to be out to get something again.


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