What’s your move?

What’s your move – if you are assigned a task which requires more paperwork than the task itself?

Do you:

  1. Bite the bullet and get the task done and ask for the paperwork to be done concurrently?
  2. Only start work when paperwork is done?

Personally, I would take option 1 anytime. Simply because it benefits me. Yes, it is all about me. When I pick option 1, it tells people of my professionalism, flexibility, that I give thought to the request and my commitment with the “can do” attitude. The actions only serve to improve my professional profile, indicating that I can value add in the work I do.

Sure, it brings about long hours. But I get happy hours and satisfaction through it all. I get appreciated for my efforts. I push myself to new limits and improve at handling stress. End of the day, I come out a stronger person and gain favor among the people I work with.

To the company, it means I am more reliable, if not more efficient, effective and easier to work with, thereby justifying my paycheck.

While I do believe that option 2 has its benefits, it however hinders work in a fast paced environment. Adopt option 2 in the same scenario, and the everything gets stuck. Paperwork takes time. Things do not get done. It will only delay the pain that is to come from the actual work itself. Well I guess that pretty much sums up what happens if option 2 is taken.

More importantly, if I adopt option 2, what do I tell others of me? (Yup, me again)

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