Review: Alex’s Eating House

Alex's Eating House

I am always skeptical about roast duck as there is always an impression that most of them are usually roasted till dry and tough and not to mention a flat, salty taste. This is one of the few places I’ve come across that serves up roast duck to perfection. The meat remains succulent and juicy after the roast and the marinate can be tasted throughout the meat, unlike others where it becomes bland right after the skin.

Also try their char siew if you don’t mind the fatty cuts they use. (If you haven’t already know, lard is healthier than margarine)

Or if you would like roast pork, you can’t go wrong here either.

Once you’ve decided your choice of meat, think about the accompanying carbohydrate of either rice or noodles.

Then do whatever it takes to grab the attention of the people running the place to place your order.

Once ordered, wait to be served. It usually doesn’t take too long, unless they forget your order.

Wantan Mee from Alex's Eating House

One last tip – the further you sit in the cafeteria, the warmer and stuffier it is, but you are more likely to find a seat there. The customers tend to sit outside as it is airier, so if you want a better seat outside, bring a friend along, because the stupid tissues will be swept away, not even if you have a tissue pack like this.

There is no hope for singapore...


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