Making New Friends Over Food

Some weeks back, I got an email from a stranger asking me out for a meal in the neighborhood…

It raised my eyebrow quite a bit. At first it was like, Woo~ I got a fan stalker fan stalker fan/stalker…
A fan because she found my food reviews on Choa Chu Kang through Google,
a stalker because she knows of The Girlfriend, i.e. she reads my stuff in detail. (Just kidding)
Needless to say, this is a first for me to be asked out by a lady stranger for a meal. It’s like an online blind date, except both parties are to bring their own partners… Ok, it’s not really online dating, the option of sensationalizing the topic that way was a cheap thrill.

Anyhow, this required the consultation of the wise girlfriend. To which she also agrees that we should let curiosity lead us accordingly. So we took up the offer and I suggested crabs at Sunshine Place. Both parties only managed to meet up after 2 weeks, when the jet-setting lady stranger finally returns home. So we quickly rushed to plan the dinner outing at the predetermined place.

With the formalities of introduction complete, we took our seats and proceeded to peruse the menu. It is pretty different ordering this time rather stressful in fact, especially when I needed to consider about the new friends’ expectations. What if they had have better stuff elsewhere? Eventually, we settled for Crab Tang Hoon and Jin Xiang Crab. I didn’t go for the regular chilli crabs or black pepper crabs for the possibility of comparison.

At the same time, the wise girlfriend reminded me of the disclaimer I should make: I find that the crab here is good because the stall consistently serves up fresh, firm and solid crabs… Thankfully, when the food came, it didn’t disappoint. Maybe there will be another outing soon.

It was nice to make new friends this way. Perhaps this is the way friends are made in this day and age.


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