OMY, What a horrible experience!

At 9.45am, I accessed because today was supposed to be the official launch of But all I ended up doing is pick on problems I encountered on the first page. It will take a lot of persuasion, cajoling, coercing and more to convince me say something positive about the site.

I missed out the the screen capture of the very embarrassing Javascript error (which prompted this entry) and after clicking on “No”, I had to contend with the super long loading time of nearly a minute… on broadband!


That was exactly what I got on my screen for nearly a minute. Then when something did happen…


Doesn’t seem to be getting better in the near future. Frustrated, I switched to the faster and more reliable Firefox, but I got this on the screen…


How can?! Why not Firefox compatible?

After a few rounds of abusing the F5 and Ctrl keys in combinations on both browsers, I gave up on trying to achieve seeing the full complete content of the homepage and these are the screenshots for IE and Firefox respectively, riddled with broken links, inaccessible images and incomplete content…



Then I tried to register…


Way to go,!


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