Stupid and crazy pet owners of Singapore

Personally, I thought the owners of these dogs are crazy.
I think even as masters over these animals, we should give them the dignity and respect as a life.

Crazy dog owner

Putting the dog on a pram and not letting it move around deprives it from the exercise it needs.

Crazy dog owner

Strapping the dog to the body with a harness restricts its movement and deprives it from the necessary exercise. I am guessing this also puts a lot of strain on the spine of the dog.

Crazy dog owner

Putting on shoes affects the paws’ sensitivity of the ground and is unnatural for the dog. Animals in general undergo a lot of stress when they lose the sensitivity that it is depends on for survival.

I think all dog owners need to be educated on how they should treat their pets.

10 thoughts on “Stupid and crazy pet owners of Singapore

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  2. “I think all dog owners need to be educated on how they should treat their pets.”

    You need enlightenment on why NOT ALL dog owners in Singapore fall under your perception of “stupid and crazy pet owners”.

    That claim I’ve quoted is absolutely stupid.

  3. Hi Genevieve,

    I do agree that not all pet owners need to be educated, the already enlightened ones learn of the needs of the animals they care for by reading journals about pet health. The owners of the pets in the entry I posted unfortunately do not seem to be in that enlightened category.

    While still on pet health, I hope your Alaskan malamute, Caesar is a second or third generation one successfully bred in Singapore to handle the tropical weather and not an import from Alaska. I also hope you bring him out for a bare minimum of a 5km run daily well before dawn and/or well after dark when the weather is cooler.
    It is sad to see beautiful creatures like him suffer in the tropical climate and deprived of exercise and space he naturally needs.

  4. On a more cordial note,
    doesn’t your statement, “Do not acquire any pets out of wimps and fancies. Read up a lot about the particular breed that you intend to get, and be fully prepared to face any kinds of unexpected events that has concern with your doggy.” (quoted from your entry: contradict your comment that I need enlightenment on why “NOT ALL dog owners in Singapore fall under your perception of stupid and crazy pet owners“?

    Certainly you have done ample research (i.e. enlightenment or education) on the breed of your dog before giving him a home?

  5. I saw NO contradiction at all.

    Was the implication of “ALL” dog owners in Singapore are ‘stupid and crazy’ reflected on my statement? Why don’t I see it?

    My replies in short to your 1st comment:
    – I do not support backyard breeding due the possible dog health issues thus, I’ll never buy one locally.
    – Caesar’s rescued from an abusive family
    – You may wanna read up dog the climate adaptation of these breeds cos it’s too much for me too qoute and type out.
    – 5km run is really nothing for us both.
    – I jog with him between 12 – 2 am.
    – He’s brought to the pool to swim in the day.
    – Space is definitely not a problem at all.

    P.S My family and I was serious in learning about this breed before we decide to adopt him. We did lots of reseach and it took 3 weeks before telling the owners we are capable of taking care of him.

    By the way, I wonder if you do get it when I say I’m only against your absolute claim.

  6. Right…

    “Stupid and Crazy” refers to the people who own the pets in the photos.

    How you link that to the ending statement and finding it offensive, bewilders me thoroughly many times over. Especially when it was meant to be an advice which I believe you advocate, i.e. understanding the responsibilities of owning a pet and caring for its well-being. Though the term “educate” is admittedly a rude and passive one.

    Personally, I maintain my stand of keeping a husky in tropical areas is a form of abuse, regardless of what research have shown.
    Perhaps you might want to find out more about the people who fund such researches, they might just be husky breeders that want to sell more puppies beyond that climate belt.

  7. My initial impression of dog owners pushing their dogs in prams was not a good one as well. I thought this action not only deprives the dogs of thier required and much enjoyed daily walks but also makes them look stupid. BUT when my dog who is already 14 yrs old had a heart failure and always pants heavily after a 5min walk, i have seriously considered buying him one of those prams so that he can use it after a short walk. He can still enjoy watching the scenery while enjoying the natural breeze!

    Poor little thing, wish he could enjoy his walk without going through the pain!

  8. I see nothing wrong with putting my dogs in a pram (though I have yet to buy a pram) and pushing them around since they hate to exercise and they get out of breath easily.

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