Shopping SPREE with ST701!

Get ready for a new and exciting online shopping experience at ST701 Spree! With this new service, fans of online shopping can truly “shop at a click of the finger”.

What is ST701 Spree?
ST701 is taking the lead in raising the standards for online shopping in Singapore with the introduction of ST701 Spree. This service is a collaboration between ST701 and comGateway, a spree service provider that has the full suite of online shopping services.

In an online spree, a group of online shoppers band together informally to form a spree group to combine their purchases from an overseas merchant and share the handling fee and shipping costs in order to lower the per unit cost of the goods. These groups are co-ordinated by ad hoc leaders who collect the money, place orders and distribute the items to the members when they arrive.

Advantages of ST701 Spree
By partnering comGateway, ST701 allows spree shoppers to get round problems such as the majority of US merchants accepting only US-issued credit cards and shipping within the US.

Local Internet users are presented with a wide choice of US stores and merchants like Target, Barnes and Noble, Macy’s, Old Navy, JCPenny, Victoria Secrets and Bath & Bodyworks.

The tie-up between ST701 and comGateway adds legitimacy and security to the entire spree process. Shoppers no longer need to give sensitive personal information to an unknown individual or worry that an unscrupulous spree leader absconds with the money or goods.

And with comGateway’s excellent logistics network, ST701 Spree shoppers can have their goods delivered to their doorstep.

Happy shopping at ST701 Spree!
Good news! As part of the launch, ST701 is waiving the first kilogram of international shipping charges for the first 150 spree boxes.


One thought on “Shopping SPREE with ST701!

  1. Comgateway sucks big time. Purchased them many times and they are never punctual!!!

    Some more they overcharged me about $60 one time and haven’t refunded me after 1 month!

    Going to report to the police this week. No address or phone no in their website!!

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