A walk around my neighbourhood

I’ve lived in Choa Chu Kang for over 10 years now. Yet I am not entirely familiar with the whole area. So with my camera, I took a walk around.

First stop, the community centre, which looked a bit like a flying saucer landing pad. Some of the folks were practicing Chinese calligraphy on the ground with a brush-shaped sponge tip attached to a rod. Reminds me of a certain Stephen Chow movie where the man servant did the same thing when he was supposed to mop the floor.

Stumbled into this church that was in my neighbourhood.

The Methodist Church of The Incarnation

And here’s the exterior for identification purposes.

Just opposite the church is a temple. The arrangement almost says religious harmony.

Kilins on the roof

Dragon on the roof


Moving further down, there is this treehouse. It’s pretty awesome, the structure was built around the tree so that people can easily get climb up the structure.

The Choa Chu Kang Treehouse

I just liked how this tree looked. That’s why I took this picture.

By the way, I have been nominated for ping.sg’s blog awards, running for The Best Photoblog and Best Photo Post. If you liked what you’ve found on my blog, please take a moment to vote for bLog by Pixels. Thanks!

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