Save the Beauty Queen, Save the Earth

If you didn’t already know, the Earth is facing an environmental crisis of catastrophic proportions. We need heroes for the green cause more than ever. Captain Planet doesn’t cut it today with that hideous green mullet. So how? Come up with a Beauty Pageant for treehuggers!

Save the Beauty Queen, Save the Earth

Save the Beauty Queen, Save the Earth

“If beauty can launch a thousand ships, it can certainly influence people to help protect and preserve the environment.”

In cruder terms, sex sells. And what better way to get the attention of people, young and old, and increase public awareness about the environmental issues with a pretty face and a little skin? So here are the ladies vying for the crown of Miss Earth Singapore…

The young and vibrant green ambassadors

"woe peas... No wait, wrong pageant..."

Enter the green ambassadors vying for the Miss Earth Singapore crown

These ladies would be champions for the environment while giving the green cause a touch of glamour. This press conference had each of them doing a catwalk onto the stage to share a cringe-inducing green message. Some shone, some faltered. Granted they are a necessary evil, I do wonder what would each of them pledge to do to reduce their carbon footprint?

No sleeping with air-conditioning on for a year?
Commuting with public transport for a year?
No buying of bottled or canned drinks for a year?
No takeaway meals for a year?
No make-up for a year?
No shopping for a year?

"woe peas... No wait, wrong pageant..."

"woe peas... No wait, wrong pageant..."

Unlike other beauty pageants, Miss Earth Singapore competition puts the candidates, or green ambassadors through training that includes environmental seminars to keep up to date with the current environmental crises on top of the default pageantry syllabus. It’s like, “forget world peace, crusading for the environment is way hotter!”

Miss Earth Singapore 2007, Nicole Chen

Miss Earth Singapore 2007, Nicole Chen

So what does a Miss Earth do in her one-year reign? Miss Earth Singapore 2007, Nicole Chen shares that her title has allowed many open doors to different sectors of society.

Particularly in education and outreach to the youths, she has graced many events initiated by schools and institutions for environmental conservation. Some of which include the NUS Rebate2Earth launch, NUS Green Carnival, National Youth EnvirOlympics Challenge and the International Coastal Clean Up. There was also a stint to Manila to create awareness among the children to take ownership of their environment. Admittedly though, this green education is a slow process that will only yield results in future generations.

It is great that the changes that this influential title is capable of bringing about in the grassroots and individuals in the long term. However, the environmental problems still need to be addressed today. What remains to be seen is how this influence can effect positive and substantial changes at policy and corporate levels that will bring about a significant improvement in the conditions of the environment. Perhaps that is the biggest challenge for these green ambassadors.

But until it happens, the saving planet earth is everyone’s responsibility, and we have to make every deliberate effort we can to do it.

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