Melaka, Again!

It was only a few months back that I went to Melaka with my company. This time it was a personal trip and we managed to stay at Hotel Equatorial, which was much better located.

We re-visited a few favourites and found new loves, mainly in the area of gastronomy. Chicken Rice Balls from Chop Chung Wah and Chendol Melaka were must haves.

We also unearthed some irresistible pineapple tarts and nyonya dumplings from 60 Lorong Hang Jebat.

Along the very obscure Jalan Hang Kasturi, Teo Soon Loong Chan Teo Chew Seafood Restaurant with only 9 tables serves up awesome oyster noodles and orh nee or yam paste dessert as well as homely Teo Chew dishes.

Nancy’s Kitchen didn’t exactly live up to our expectations while being touted as one of the top places for Peranakan cuisine.

Speaking of Peranakans, we would have stayed at authentically Peranakan Hotel Puri if not for the fact that it was already fully booked. Still, we managed a visit to see what we might have missed out. To say the least, it was a really nice place.

The town manages to stay current with a few major shopping centres catering to the progressively sophisticated tourists but not without staying anchored to tradition of arts and crafts.

Essentially, Melaka manages to stay relevant without losing its old world charm. I would love to visit again, but I guess not so soon.


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