Sam and Clara’s Wedding

Another brother in Christ gets married!

Some of my friends say that I am almost the de facto budget photographer for my church network. I’m definitely happy to help out provided the couple like the kind of photos I take.

Tastes of life


“I love my Daddy-in-law”

Brothers in crime up to no good

Sam finally gets to the bride

Roast pig!

At the church wedding ceremony…

The Aisle

Clara and her entourage

Some shots of the couple at the consolidation room just before their wedding ceremony. I intentionally framed “I believe in you God” for the belief that the foundation of marriage needs to be built upon the Lord.

More photos available at my Multiply album.


Haji Sulaiman and Wartinah’s Wedding

Congratulations to Haji Sulaiman and Wartinah!

Malay weddings are really nice, fun and warm because of the location and setting, usually a HDB void deck that is elaborately decorated and sometimes lasts for a few days to cater to literally the whole kampung or nearly the whole neighbourhood. Yup, it is a community event with a very unique kampung-spirit.

The life of these parties are almost always the parents and relatives that congregate at these momentous occasions to shower their blessings on the couple. Their expressions are of pride and joy and absolutely infectious.


Click here for more pictures from the event!

Kevin and Shan Shan’s Wacky Wedding

KAPOW! Every one of us who attended were as pleasantly bewildered as you are!


Kevin and Shan Shan held the wackiest wedding ever, first with some mad antics at their Tea Ceremony, then their singing during their first march in, live band performances, magic show, juggling. The best part had to be them breaking into a dance to Doncha wish your girlfriend was hot like me during their second march in.

(Ok, this shot was photoshopped to death, but you get the idea…)

They said it best, “We can’t take gorgeous wedding photos, so we might as well be totally wacky, lor!

So anybody else want to have a wacky wedding?
Let me know! I want to cover! I might even consider doing it for free!


Click here for the full album at my Multiply.

Special Bonus Video just for the fun of it!

Actual Day Wedding Photography Portfolio

It’s all about taking pictures of people having fun (at the expense of the groom).
Only if you have a sense of humour

Daniel and JamieDaniel and Jamie Hosted on Zooomr
Daniel and JamieDaniel and Jamie Hosted on Zooomr
Singing in the RainSinging in the Rain Hosted on Zooomr
Singing in the rainSinging in the rain Hosted on Zooomr
Singing in the RainSinging in the Rain Hosted on Zooomr
Pure lime juicePure lime juice Hosted on Zooomr
TiredTired Hosted on Zooomr
hand in handhand in hand Hosted on Zooomr
knocked outknocked out Hosted on Zooomr
DSC_5016大圆小圆 Hosted on Zooomr
Auspicious foodAuspicious food Hosted on Zooomr
All SmilesAll Smiles Hosted on Zooomr
Having her bowl of dessertHaving her bowl of dessert Hosted on Zooomr
All done up pretty...All done up pretty… Hosted on Zooomr
Last look at her room
Will miss it
But looking forward to my new one
WorshippingWorshipping Hosted on Zooomr
Ding Dong~!Ding Dong~! Hosted on Zooomr
GlamGlam Hosted on Zooomr
A moment of restA moment of rest Hosted on Zooomr
DSC_9912eMore auspicious food to eat Hosted on Zooomr
DSC_9928Tea Ceremony Hosted on Zooomr
DSC_9984DSC_9984 Hosted on Zooomr
DSC_0120DSC_0120 Hosted on Zooomr
Cheers to the Bride and GroomCheers to the Bride and Groom Hosted on Zooomr
Funky BrideFunky Bride Hosted on Zooomr
DSC_0720DSC_0720 Hosted on Zooomr
DSC_0925Fitri and Eriana Hosted on Zooomr
Meng and Pearly's WeddingMeng and Pearly’s Wedding Hosted on Zooomr
At A Baby DedicationAt A Baby Dedication Hosted on Zooomr
ParenthoodParenthood Hosted on Zooomr
ParenthoodParenthood Hosted on Zooomr
ParenthoodParenthood Hosted on Zooomr
ParenthoodParenthood Hosted on Zooomr
ParenthoodParenthood Hosted on Zooomr